Earnie Boyd

Hello everyone and welcome to my personal autobiographical page. The information here is considered accurate as I know it to be. I was educated in Computer Science at Bluefield State College in Bluefield, West Virginia. I’ve been actively working in an information technology for 34 years at the time of this writing. I’ve had many experiences in development of software as well as maintenance. I am good at being able to adapt to new technology and learn the various systems, languages (both compiled and interpreted) and methods and procedures. I am currently working in Operational System Support (OSS) department of my corporation maintaining production systems in a Production Application Support Engineer (PASE) role. Some of the systems are capitalized projects and some are expense projects that have no new development and only being maintained to provide legacy functionality until it is no longer a viable system.

My hobby currently is internet web programming and I am currently learning the WordPress codex and how to create plugins. Eventually I will be offering those plugins to you but for the time being they are private. Leave me a comment if you need a plugin; depending on what the details are the work might be gratis but we can discuss the details as you forward me the information.

My family life provides me with a wife and two sons. The youngest son has Down Syndrome and ADHD. Most of our life dwells around him and providing for his future. He is ready to move out on his own in his mind but his ADHD has prevented him from concentrating on a particular task for any length of time. The goal we have for him is to be able to be independent but he doesn’t like to listen to his parents. I describe my son as having an 8 year old mental ability with a 13 year old emotional drive.

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